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Máy xay Cafe Cunill Luxomatic

24.790.000VND 22.500.000VND

Máy xay Cà phê Cunill Luxomatic – Cunill coffee grinder
~ Dòng siêu chống ồn – 55dB
~ Máy xay pha cafe Espresso Cunill
~ Dòng máy cao cấp và mới nhất của Cunill
~ Nhập khẩu nguyên chiếc từ Spain
~ Bảo hành chính hãng tới 18 tháng, 1 đổi một trong tuần đầu tiên
~ Vỏ bằng INOX
~ Bảo hành chính hãng 18 tháng
~ Hotline: 0972.339.888

Máy xay Cà phê Cunill Luxomatic – Cunill coffee grinder
Máy xay café tự động hoàn toàn
Voltage: 220 – 230V / 50Hz / 1Ph / 497W
Weight: 17,5KgKg
Dimensions: 180x310x560mm
Air noise: 55dB – Maximum operating time: 30 min
Made in Spain
Brand: Cunill – Spain
Model: Luxomatic – Dòng máy chống ồn

Mô tả

Máy xay Cafe Cunill Luxomatic – Cunill coffee grinder

Hopper capacity: 1Kg / Doser capacity: 600gr



Hopper (1kg) made of unbreakable and non-deformable material (co.poliéster), with fast lock system and self-leveling when off the coffee grinder with the possibility of cleaning in a dishwasher at 90ºC. – Micrometric regulation of the coffee grind using a regulatory pawl. – New expulsion system for the ground coffee (always living the grinding cavity clean when the coffee grinder stops). – Touch screen for easy programming and use (Language selection – Adjustment of the grinding program for each dose – Selection of 1 dose, 2 doses or continuous grinding – Coffee counter partial or total). – Integrated coffee tamper with mobile positioner. – Aluminium bodywork made in two parts, especially designed for ventilation, with oating attachment of the inner motor body. – Bodywork nished in painted metallic silver-grey, snow white, chromed gold or chromed silver. – Motor assembly with an anti-vibration system using a pneumatic ring. – Silencer 500W motor with internal auto-ventilation, “55dB”. – Hardened steel grinding blades (62/65HRc) 65mm in diameter.

– Personalisation system with chromed plaque on the back of the grinder. – Admits hopper of 2 kg. – Titanium-coated burrs (62/63 HRc) 65mm diameter, 2.000 kg. – Red speed coated burrs (62/63 HRc) 65mm diameter, 3.000 kg.

The electronic coffee grinder professional
for all types of coffees.


Voltage: 230V / 220V / 110V
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Phases: 1(monophase)
Rpm: 1.300 / 1.600
Current: 2,1A / 4,7A
Capacitor: 14nf / 55nf
Power: 0,37Hp / 497W
Protection rating: IP21
Motor supplied with thermal protector.
Maximum operating time: 30min.

Tempered steel grinding wheel (62HRc) 65mm diameter
Lifespan of grinding wheels: 500Kg
Hopper capacity: 1Kg
Optional hopper capacity: 2Kg
Multi-language touch screen
Selection of 1 or 2 instant ground coffee or continuous ground
Coffee counter partial or total
Assistant timer of the grinding point

Dimensions width x length x height: 285x405x625mm
Weight: 17,5Kg
Air noise: 55dB